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While it's really convenient posting pictures of myself in my cosmetics line, the time has come to expand upon my dream and feature people who truly inspire me. Thanks to your support, Qveen Studio has grown into an empowering boutique beauty brand (eek!) with our Dragon Duo eyeliners featuring in Boxycharm this month!

If you're ever wondering how I'm constantly inspired, you'll find the answer in those with whom I surround myself. Our 2017 launch featured models @aissaumaru and @nidalodean who are now slaying harder than ever, please check them out if you have a moment. This round I wanted to expand into music and movement artists.

Qveendom, I present to you @iammadisonrose, @vincint, and @winni3ta!

*Madison wears Qveen Boss Gloss in Spray Tan, Wifey Lashes, and Blasé / Who Is She Eyeshadows.

*Vincint wears Qveen Boss Gloss in Boyfran, Dragonliner Wax Pencil, and Chateau / Green Herby Eyeshadows.

*Winnie wears Qveen Boss Gloss in Paper Chase, Hot Boy Sweat Lashes, and Blend Me Over Eyeshadow.

Makeup Artistry by the fabulous @cagne_liann!!

Madison Rose is an actual fashion icon who I met at an Ashton Michael runway show in Hollywood. She is impossible to miss, impeccably dressed at all times with a diamond smile to boot. I couldn't wait to hear her music project and was stunned to hear a popstar in the making. If you want an instant mood lift, stream her song Rainbow Phone. I asked her to describe her current energy in three words:




*Madison wears Qveen Dragonliner and Monroe Lip Satin.

Madison is working on her album called "Technicolor" and I can't wait to hear what wondrous world she's creating for us. In the meantime, you can see more of her brilliance on Tik Tok and make sure to follow on IG @iammadisonrose.

Vincint walks in the room with so much intention you can feel the mood lift. As I'm masked up (yes we were all COVID safe!) and applying more gloss he's humming perfect riffs. I can't imagine a more magical moment. We both roamed the halls of Berklee College of Music back in the day and I've been blown away by his live shows in LA. I asked him to describe his current energy in three words:




*Vincint wears Qveen Dragonliner and SOS Lip Satin.

Vincint has been in the studio working on his album and I will brag, I got to hear some snippets! You are in for a treat because besides being stunningly gorgeous, his vocal abilities are beyond this world. What I am most enamored by is his ability to stack up layers upon layers and make it sound like a whole damn choir. Follow Vincint on IG @vincint.

You may recognize Winnie Chang from the Qveen Herby "Alone" music video. She was cast by my creative director Luckie @luckiepov as a dancer/actress handing me shots of Hennessy while I complained about boy problems. But she also spends her time TOURING as a dancer for Rihanna and Katy Perry - legendary! I asked Winnie to describe her current energy in three words:




Winnie wears Qveen Dragonliner and SOS Lip Satin.

Winnie quickly became Gary's favorite, cradling him in her arms while we shot individual close ups (Gary is my 10 lb poodle). She is currently learning aerial work and stunt work, which is mind blowing to me. I have so much respect for the sheer amount of discipline and courage that requires. You can also catch her dancing with Nelly on NYE.

Thank you for your continued support! Shop the looks at QVEENSTUDIO.COM

Comment below, who you'd like to see in the next QVEEN CAMPAIGN. xoxo

Special thanks to @whatwouldalexanderdo and @jediinick for the photography and lighting. And to @goldhawk_ for the French blue silk and lace dresses.

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